Frequently asked questions

1What is the price of the food?
I. Rs. 99 per meal and Rs. 29 per snack (Served on Company Premises)
II. Rs.120/- per meal and Rs. 45/- per snack (Packed Meals)
2How do you see a sample menu?
Lunch (Menu Sample): Raw Mango Salad, Mixed Vegetable Kadhai, Paneer Makhani, Dal Meloni, Multi Grain Phulka, Corn and Peas Pulao, Dhaniya Pudina Raita, Carrot Cake.
Nutritional Value: ENERGY (KCAL):644.65 KCals, CARBOHYDRATES: 100.65g, PROTEIN: 27.09g, FAT: 11.32g, DIETARY FIBER: 9.18g
Breakfast (Any 3 Recipes for each day) : Ragi Idli, Nachni Dosa, Wheat Veggie Roll, Masala Upma, Moong Poha
3What is the Quality Assurance?
Our tie-ups with National/MNC Brands certify usage of only premium quality products. The most critical example of this would be the oil we use in cooking.
4What is the Hygiene Assurance?
It would be strongly recommended for you to visit to our kitchen prior to commencement of contract. We also recommend you to have periodic visits to our kitchen to conduct hygiene, sanitation and quality audits. This is in the best interest of your employees, who eat the food daily cooked in external kitchens.
5Why should people pre-purchase?
It is important to enjoy all aspects of our product to be fully satisfied, whether is taste, nutrition or variety. Pre-purchasing and pre-ordering will ensure that every individual will get what he/she wants to eat, rather than what the current catering vendor wants you to eat. Handling the complexities in Food Production and Logistics and yet ensuring the availability of the variety and choice that people want is only possible when a person pre-purchases the food.
6What if you don’t deliver as promised?
We will draw a formal MOU wherein all terms and conditions will be clearly defined. We shall deliver at all times and even try our best but may be unable to honor our commitments in case of situations beyond our control like riots, curfew, extreme monsoon, law and order breakdown, war, act or regulation of Government or such extreme conditions. For instance: Flights departing from Mumbai were only serving packaged snacks and tetra-packs during the 26/7/2005 rains.
7How would you influence our HEALTHIER LIVING?
Each of our meal/snack will carry the calorie count with a tip for the day. Besides this, if desired, a person can approach our nutritionist/ dietician with a prior appointment for an individual counseling session (paid service) We have also tied up with a Yoga Instructor/Gymnasium and Health Instructor for sessions for your employees. Besides, we have exclusive membership rates with tied-up known Gymnasium and Health Clubs in Pune as well Star Hotels across India.
8What would you do to create additional excitement?
Festivals and Food Melas which bring in the regional flavours of India would be held atleast once a month at an additional cost.